They’ve been called, “the most dangerous band in country music.” They’ve been
called, “a fresh, hot, wildly entertaining group that brings a party wherever they go.”
They’ve been called, “the next big thing in country music.” They just call themselves,
Her & Kings County.

Formed in New York City, this six piece is no overnight sensation. Over the many
years together, they have written their own music, including their new single, “White
Trash Country Boy”, and they have literally played hundreds of shows all across America
and Europe. From clubs to arenas, the group has opened up for such acts as Kid Rock,
Montgomery Gentry, Charlie Daniels, and Kellie Pickler, to name a few.

Though their tireless, never ending, tour schedule is one that harks back to music
tradition, Her & Kings County’s sound is young and fresh. They have branded their
music, City Country; a mixture of bluegrass, rock n’ roll, hip -hop, and country.
It was Warner Elektra that recognized the need for this band in country music and
signed them to a record deal. They are managed by Average Joes Entertainment, and are
booked by Buddy Lee Attractions.

Her & Kings County is a band of six. There is Monique Staffile, one of the main
songwriters and co-founders of HKC. She ain’t a pistol; she’s a shotgun. Monique was
born to be a lead singer. Wild, hypnotic, red hot, she prowls the stage like a leopard out
for blood. Caleb Sherman, the main producer, co-founder and creator of the City Country
sound. To say he is a versatile musician is an understatement, give him a tire and a carpet,
and he could make a double record. Brother Love never met a stage he didn’t like. A
quintessential drummer and a consummate entertainer, with him behind the kit, every
room becomes an arena. Justin Sherman, rhythm guitar. He’s a cutthroat player with a
quiet cool that’s been turning heads since he picked up that six string. Frank, AKA, F
Bomb. The natural. His bass playing sounds like the rumble of a big block on a 65 Shelby
GT. And, on lead guitar you have Wonder. With a rakish walk he plays with a fire lit by
the legends and ghosts of music’s past.

When they come to your town, get a ticket, join the party, and see what everyone
is talking about.

Lex Lipsitz
Average Joe's Management
209 10th Ave South suite: 332
Nashville, TN 37203

Kevin Neal, President
38 Music Square East
Suite 300
Nashville, TN 37203
615-244-4336 (o)
615-726-0429 (f)

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