Marina One Residence- Best Place To Live A Luxury Lifestyle


4 Shire Oak Road
Puerto Rico

Trying to find an area where you can quiet down and at the same time feel the best of all possible worlds? In the event that that's so then say hello to Marina One. You don't need to wait around longer considering that the project is anticpated to be completed in 2016. You will find the place is within the new central district for Worldwide business and fiscal routines seen in Singapore. If you are significantly considering of transferring to Singapore for work and also leisure time then this is the perfect place where you can just do that. It's possible for such a excellent place to truly occur.Are you hunting for marina one residences floor plan? Browse the previously outlined site. A further look on the Marina One Residences is it may be the focal point area exactly where one of the two developments by M S Pvt. Ltd plus a joined venture with the Khazanah Nasional . Another progression is called DUO Residences. The Marina One is about 2.63 hectares and it is valued to be about $6.25 billion. It is possibly among the upcoming high-class residences in the region. It'll have store and office spaces on its 269000 sqm total gross floor region. When you need your enterprise to be located near where you reside this place is ideal for you.

If you want to be in a strategic place then this residential home could be what you need since it is close with establishments that can provide you with admission to the needs you have. The Marina One is set to become of mixed use where its 51% will be allocated to office spaces. The business office spaces include two storey office blocks. The 41 storey non commercial block and also the 1,042 luxurious non commercial units will consist of the rest of the 42%. And the extra 5% will probably be for retail store spaces linked to the residential units and offices. Pretty good right? It's just like living and working concurrently and at the same location.

As though those weren't enough there is also admission to a store podium and also the Heart, a wonderful green garden at the center of the 3 blocks. Picture it as a sanctuary of the residence where everyone is able to come and relish the view and just relax. If you would like adventure additionally, there are two nearby recreational areas that might match your need of relaxing walking around the property. The Marina One also offers you basement levels and even an subterranean pedestrian network. Already winning honours from the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2012 as Best High Rise Architecture, Best Mixed use Architecture and also Best Mixed Use Development you can be sure of the high benchmarks it may offer you. It really is just about the most awaited and most desired homes in Singapore. You would not want to be left out right? Find out about Marina One and obtain advantages in calling the area your favorite luxury home.

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